Choosing you interior canopy

Charles rosier verrière

Trendy, the interior canopy is a solution to decorate the space of your home. It gives a certain originality and preserves the natural luminosity. However, the choice of a canopy requires some details to consider.

Glass roof, presentation and materials

The interior canopy can be presented in several ways. There are all types: depending on your budget, the material used, the size,… Here are the main components of traditional glass:

Wood: Wood is known to be a very good insulator. It is usually located in the frame or frame of the canopy.

Steel: This material has many different qualities than wood. It benefits from quality finishing work and its virtue is essentially aesthetic. On the other hand, steel is very expensive but it allows you to expose a contemporary and modern style to the whole of your housing.

Aluminium: This lightweight and powerful material can be combined with all types of glass. Aluminium interior canopies have the advantage of being inexpensive and durable.

Installation and advice

After selecting the glass of your choice according to the technical configuration and the material, I invite you to be vigilant about any technical obstacles.

First, check if there are no wires obstructing the future location of the canopy. Some accessories are more than annoying to install (switches or electrical sockets,…).
You must also take precautions with your walls. If it turns out that the wall chosen is a load-bearing wall, the competence of a mason is more than necessary. Indeed, he will study the reliability of the opening project.

Underfloor heating can also be a major constraint. The fixing cannot then be done by drilling through the floor and the use of a strong adhesive is your only way out.

During the realization of the opening, I advise you to see the opening dimensions upwards. Count about 5 mm more than your canopy on each side.

Canopies, realization and prices

The installation and construction of a canopy must be carried out by professionals. The classic offer is found in DIY establishments, as well as on the websites of the professionals in question.
The prices vary according to the value of the glass roof, the quality of the glass, the structure, the brand and also the material.

Count approximately 150€ for a standard model, 600€ for a canopy with two modular panels, and 1000€ per m² on average for a canopy made by an artist.
An interior canopy can bring a lot of cachet to your home. Trendy and trendy, the installation of the canopy must be carried out by professionals. In addition, certain criteria must be taken into account, such as the choice of materials, price, etc.