Charles Rosier


Charles Rosier portraitSince his last trip to the United States, Charles Rosier has been aware of the great revolution that is now taking place in the world of architecture and interior design.

Both designer and architect, he has indeed made the final choice of the everything digital.

Create without constraints

Charles Rosier has always dreamed of being able to create without constraint. With only his bachelor’s degree in his pocket and a few years on the benches of a law university, he stayed for a long time without knowing what his professional future would be.

It was by reading specialized magazines and getting information on the Internet that he discovered a passion for graphic design. He resumed his studies by taking a Manaa (Upgrade in Art) apprenticeship and then enrolling in many online trainings. It was then that he entered the closed and sometimes hermetic world of graphic and 3D design. This new digital world has given him a glimpse of a future to which he is now devoting himself. This new professional activity is perfectly in line with his desire to create. She is in perfect harmony with his passion for architecture, which has been driving his since childhood.

Travelling gives birth to taste 

Charles Rosier’s love of architecture grew out of his parents, both university professors, and their friends. Their passion for culture and contemporary architecture has spilled over to the child. His vast knowledge has made him a good pupil, albeit a little scattered. Interested in everything, he then embarked on graphic design. After several years of training, Charles Rosier then embarked on a long journey to the Netherlands. He fell in love with Dutch contemporary architecture and decided to combine his skills in 3D design with his passion for architecture.

Joining the useful to the pleasant

Charles Rosier’s last destination was Silicon Valley, the centre of technological, computer and electronic innovation. He realized that his skills as a 3D artist could be harnessed to his passion for architecture and interior design. With the best specialized softwares, he now has the opportunity to turn his wildest projects into reality. His three-dimensional and virtual drawings can finally come to life in reality.

Today, Charles Rosier continues to draw up his construction and interior design plans, which are so popular with his friends. Thanks to his mastery of architectural drawing tools and his passion for space design, he decided to stay in the United States to fulfill his passion.

Charles Rosier was fortunate enough to be able to grasp his destiny when he realized it. His passion for knowledge, all knowledge, has allowed him to finally choose freely his personal and professional future. This is the prerogative of those who have given much thought before undertaking.